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Whether you’re an amateur home cook or fancy yourself as a bit of a foodie, Fresh from the Freezer has a wealth of expert advice and behind the scenes looks at frozen food to keep you inspired. Check out our recipes for some easy meal ideas or our blog which is packed full of tips and frozen facts!

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Is fresh always best?

Find out why #frozen fruit and veg are often just as good and can sometimes be better than their fresh alternatives 👇

🛒🍓🥩❄️Planning your next food shop?
Remember to visit the frozen food aisles! Shopping frozen means you always have some fresh nutritious food in the house without the worry that it’ll go off within a couple of days! #LoveFoodHateWaste

Try this quick gourmet beef burger meal idea for an exciting and tasty dinner. Yummy!

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From defrosting meat, fish and poultry to finding the perfect freezer temperature, your questions are answered in our FAQs.

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