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From the microwave master to the culinary genius, frozen food offers a diverse collection of cooking ideas to help you provide your family with interesting and nutritious meals. Want to know more about frozen food?

Well, we’ve got it covered. From how to defrost your Christmas turkey to what temperature your freezer should be, we’ll try to answer your frozen food questions in our FAQ.

Frozen foods have played an important role in the British home ever since the first frozen ready meal appeared on our plates in 1953. But the history of frozen food goes back much further than that. Discover for yourself.

Did you know that choosing frozen food is good for the environment? From energy savings to reducing waste, embrace the power of frozen. Still not sure if frozen is for you? Check out our ‘why buy frozen’ page and you’re sure to be a convert.

If you’re looking for more amazing recipes using frozen food and fantastic content or want to find out more about some of the topics we mention, we have all the necessary information.

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