Summer smoothies all year round!

Delicious, nutritious and fresh from the freezer! Make your own healthy, easy and affordable smoothies using everything you need straight from the freezer aisle. It couldn’t be easier.

14 February 2018

This year Young’s Seafood, producer and distributor of frozen, fresh, and chilled seafood, has teamed up with William Hanson, the UK’s leading Etiquette Expert, to help you create a truly effortless restaurant dining experience at home. With William’s expert hints, tips and recipes, you’ll find that switching to home dining can be the perfect way to save money […]

18 January 2018

The infamous January Blues are well and truly upon us. It’s the middle of January and most of us are already counting down until pay day! Regardless, we still need to eat. Feeding the family doesn’t have to cost a fortune if you plan it right. A few tweaks to your weekly shop can save […]

5 January 2018

Want to make healthier and faster meals this year? Well we might have just the tool for you! Say goodbye to additional fats or oils in your meals, and kick off the New Year with a VonShef Halogen Oven. This ultimate multifunctional cooking appliance is suitable for grilling, roasting, baking, steaming, frying, bbqing, boiling and […]

18 December 2017

The holiday season for us in the UK means family, love, warmth, presents – and food of course! However, most of us always buy extra food, often leading to spectacular amounts of waste.     In the UK, we generate 30% more waste than usual over the festive season. Last Christmas, House Beautiful Magazine reported […]

4 December 2017

With over 40million Nutribullets sold worldwide, they really are a must have!  This month we are giving you the opportunity to unlock the hidden nutrition inside the foods that you eat when you use the Nutribullet Starter Kit! If you are new to the Nutri-world, here’s a starter tip: there’s always some frozen berries in […]

28 November 2017

The countdown to Christmas is well and truly underway, with less than four weeks until the big day. Playing host at Christmas can be stressful and downright hard work, but what if it could be a lot easier? If you’re playing host this Christmas relax, thanks to our friends at Young’s we’ve outlined some simple-to-follow […]

21 November 2017

Stir up Sunday will be celebrated this year (2017) on Sunday 26th November. A date in the diary going back to the Victorian times, it ultimately marks the countdown to Christmas, with the baking of a Christmas pudding. What would happen on Stir up Sunday? Families would gather on the fifth Sunday before Christmas to […]

17 October 2017

Whether you have a medical need to eat better or you just want to improve your diet, eating heart-healthy foods is a really good idea. Rather than eating a diet full of processed foods, sugar and saturated fat, switch to natural ingredients and your health will definitely receive a boost. One of the best ways […]

21 September 2017

Summer is over and everyone’s back to school and work so we want to make sure you’re prepped for the week ahead with lots of tasty recipes to fill your lunchboxes. Using frozen ingredients and making meals in batches are two of the most important things when it comes to creating lunches without the fuss. […]