Can you Fry Frozen Food?

You can safely fry any food after it has been frozen. The best foods to fry straight from the freezer are those that are coated in a bread batter. This allows you to use high temperature oil without fear of the oil seeping into your food.

 Frozen foods are perfect for frying because they are often blanched prior to being frozen. This means they have been immersed in boiling water, effectively preparing products for further cooking. You can also thaw frozen foods in the refrigerator before frying but this is by no means necessary from a safety perspective.

The only safety problem that needs to be considered when frying frozen foods is the act of placing the food in the hot oil. If you do not take care in this stage, frying food could result in severe burns, as oil spits from the pan. For this reason, you should make sure to shake crystals off food before placing it in the pan or fryer. When chunks of ice hit hot oil there is a quick reaction where the ice changes from a solid to a liquid too quickly. This could result in the boiling oil suddenly rising in your direction, so be careful.