Which Frozen Food Holds the Most Nutrition?

Many people incorrectly assume that frozen food is less healthy than fresh food because a product’s nutritional value decreases with time. In actuality, freezing food is an effective way to pause its deterioration, locking in nutrients before they are lost.

Food is often frozen almost immediately after it is picked or harvested, meaning that it is preserved at the point when it holds the most vitamins and minerals. When it is defrosted weeks or even months later, it has not lost any of this nutritional value.

In contrast, the fresh food that can be bought at supermarkets has had time to deteriorate in storerooms and while being transported, losing essential vitamins and minerals over time. In this way, it can be argued that when the food is ready to be eaten, products that have been commercially frozen are actually fresher, as they have not deteriorated or lost any nutrients.