Defrosting Your Freezer

Defrosting your freezer as an essential part of its upkeep, making sure that it is working to its fullest capacity, and it’s also a chance for you to take note of what’s in there and re-order any food products.

A home freezer should be defrosted each time it develops a ¼ inch build-up of ice on the interior walls. Most people defrost their freezer once a year, but you may find yours needs doing more or less regularly depending on your usage.

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Here’s our top tips for a successful defrost

  • Wrap frozen items in newspaper and place in a box in a cold area
  • Unplug your freezer and wedge the door open
  • Remove freezer drawers
  • Place towels at the bottom and in front of the freezer to mop up water as the ice thaws
  • Do not use any sharp implements to remove the ice build-up from the freezer
  • Once all the ice has thawed, clean the freezer and drawers with warm water
  • Wipe the freezer dry and replace the drawers
  • Plug the freezer back into the mains, making sure that the thermostat is set at the correct level
  • Re-pack the freezer according to our handy storage guide.