Albert Bartlett Roast Potatoes, Spanish Chorizo, Broad Bean & Rocket Salad

A colourful dish that's ideal for a Spanish themed tapas night!

20-25 minutes


  • 300 g Spanish Chorizo
  • 600 g frozen Albert Bartlett Rooster roast potatoes
  • 100 g frozen broad beans
  • 50 g Rocket Leaves
  • 100 ml Extra virgin rapeseed oil


  • Place the Albert Bartlett roast potatoes onto a tray and cook in a hot oven heated to 180oC until the potatoes are crisp, golden and hot in the middle.
  • Peal the chorizo sausage and cut into 1-inch slices.
  • Heat a frying pan and add the rapeseed oil, add the chorizo and sauté until golden and the chorizo releases its oils.
  • Add the Albert Bartlett roast potatoes to the pan with the chorizo, serve the chorizo and roast potatoes between the bowls, drizzle the oils from the pan over the bowls.
  • Blanch the broad beans in salted boiling water and scatter over the chorizo and Albert Bartlett roast potatoes, garnish with the rocket.