Black Forest Breakfast Oats

Jo says: Just like porridge, these oats are really flexible, so you can add whatever takes your fancy - fruit, nuts, seed, different types of milk, it’s up to you. I went for macadamia nuts in this recipe because for some reason they always feel like the most indulgent of the nuts. They have a creaminess to them that felt befitting of a gateau inspired breakfast.

40 mins
4 people


  • 150 g oats
  • 50 g macadamia nuts
  • 200 g frozen dark cherries
  • 2 large eggs
  • 250 ml chocolate soy milk
  • 250 ml regular lactofree milk


  • Preheat the oven to around 200 degrees - 180 fan.
  • Add your dry ingredients - the oats, nuts and cherries (straight from frozen, no need to defrost) - to the sort of dish you’d use to make a normal sized lasagne. Make sure everything is spread out evenly, unless you’re hoping to get all the cherries in your corner, in which case distribute as required.
  • In a separate jug, whisk together the milks and the eggs. Because I was using chocolate milk, and had the sweetness of the cherries, I decided not to add any extra sugar. If you like your oats very sweet, you could try adding a blob of honey into this wet mixture.
  • Pour your milk mixture gently over the dry ingredients.
  • Pop it in the oven and bake for about 35-40 minutes until you can see that all the liquid has been absorbed. If you’re using quick cook oats, the cooking time will probably be a lot shorter.
  • Scoff your Black Forest baked oats hot from the oven with a big mug of coffee. Alternatively, cover them with ice cream and turn them into a wholesome pudding. Yum!